Other Industries

Increased Output. Stabilized Processes.

We support many branches of industries, inlcuding

  • Tunnel Construction:

    Precipitation, Flocculation, Dust Binding

  • Electro Plating:

    Heavy-Metal-Precipitation, Demulsifying, Waste Water Treatment

  • Leather-Production:

    Defoaming, Waste Water Treatment, Circuit Water Treatment

  • Slaughterhouses and Meatprocessing:

    Waste Water Treatment, Odour Elimination

  • Dairies:

    Waste Water Treatment, Odour Elimination

  • Paint Production Industry:

    Waste Water Treatment, Demulsifying, Circuit Water Treatment

  • Automotive Industry and Metal Processing:

    Circuit Water Treatment, Conservation of Cooling Lubricants, Emulsion Splitting

  • Waste Management Industries:

    Heavy-Metal-Precipitation, Demulsifying, Activated Carbon, Precipitation and Flocculation

  • Recycling Industries:

    Circuit Water Treatment, Dust-Binding, Defoaming

  • Mineral Oil and Fuel Industry, Petrol Stations:

    Fuel-Conservation Download Info-Folder PETROSID©FP

Biomontan - Your Process-Optimizer for Pulp- and Paper Industry, Environmental Engineering & Anaerobic Technologies!

Use biocides in a safe way. Always read labelling and product Information before use.

Other Industries | Biomontan Produktions- und Handels GmbH

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